Press Release – Connected Campus Tour @ University of Malaya

29.09.2017 (Kuala Lumpur) – “Ambitious youths should conquer their fear to pursue their dreams and goals, take a leap of faith and soar into the sky like Pegasus towards your dream destination”, a catch phrase by the founder of Malaysia Book of Records, Tan Sri Datuk Danny Ooi. Also present were Dato’ Colin Tan,  Wong Kuen Kong , Aemy Wong, Christopher Liang, Eldrick Koh, total five distinguished business leaders. At the CEO Forum in University of Malaysia, their words of inspiration and encouragement echoed through the halls, filled with aspiring university students.

Most of the speakers who are featured in The Malaysia Book of Records – Business Edition. The inaugural forum was held in University of Malaya on 26th September. Guest speakers were The Malaysia Book of Records founder Tan Sri Datuk Danny Ooi, Hatten Group Executive Chairman and Managing Director Dato’ Colin Tan, UMLand Seri Austin CEO Wong Kuen Kong, Business Development Director, Ultimate Team of Nirvana Asia Aemy Wong, Googleplex Holdings and Gplex Realty Group CEO Christopher Liang and GenYouth CEO Eldrick Koh.

Danny Ooi: Excitement of our life starts with a dream
Tan Sri Datuk Danny Ooi shared his life journey via creative comic slides. “Success doesn’t happen by chance but can be achieved through perseverance and determination. Failure is part of the journey.  Determination and perseverance is the key to a fruitful result”. Excitement of our life starts with a dream, he encourages students to step beyond their comfort zone to pursue their dreams.

Colin Tan: 6 principles of a successful career
Hatten Group Executive Chairman and Managing Director Dato’ Colin Tan: “An entrepreneur not only has to be physically fit, but also have an undying spirit of perseverance.  Self-confidence should not be easily swayed by others ”. Six principles he adheres to: Stay focus, Personal development, Not to shy away from challenges, Conquer your own fear, Build positive network, Determination. He added: “Challenges are part of a journey to success. We have to go the extra mile to achieve our goal.  An outcome is determined by the choices we make.

Wong Kuen Kong: Positive attitude and enthusiasm are key to accomplishments
UMLand Seri Austin CEO Wong Kuen Kong is a seasoned entrepreneur who is unmatched in management skills.  His management approach is pragmatic, firm and innovative that is effortlessly adhered to by his employees to push the company forward. He emphasized the importance of positive attitude and reminded the students to pursue their passion with enthusiasm. Career choice should always be true to one’s passion.

Aemy Wong: Every opportunity is invaluable
Ultimate Team of Nirvana Asia Aemy Wong spend 12 years as a globetrotting flight attendant for Singapore Airline. Her opulent life style and decent income was envied by most. She soon came to realization that her career development would be stagnant and decided to step out of her comfort zone and decided to face challenges of starting a new career. She shared a Chinese idiom loosely translate to “Your attitude determines your altitude, your attitude determines the outcome” and encouraged students expand their horizon and full heartedly welcome challenges with open arms. Every opportunity is invaluable, hence to be cherished by all.

Christopher Liang : Learn from mistakes
Googleplex Holdings and Gplex Realty Group CEO Christopher Liang faced adversities throughout his young career. He mentioned: “Be humble when you when you taste success, be modest at all time”. During his university years, he survived by taking menial jobs to cover for daily expenses. Upon graduation, his startup met with success. With high monthly income, he led a high life and ended up loosing his company and was debt ridden. However, his faced the reality with his head held high, worked hard to pay off his debt and most importantly to learn from his past mistakes. He emphasized to learn not only from one own mistake but also mistake of others. One needs to be focused to achieve success through hard work and determination.

The 5 aspiring entrepreneurs speeches were welcomed by students as rounds of thunderous applause greeted every one of them. They shared their experiences and emphasize on the challenges students will face as an entrepreneurs. Question and answer sessions were well received by the audience.

GenYouth & RunWorldEvent Founder Eldrick Koh encouraged students to plan their career path prior to execution, he vowed to continue his effort to help the youths to adopt revolutionary spirit and policies to ensure that they achieve their dreams.

Connected Campus Tour is organized by GenYouth and supported by publisher of The Malaysia Book of Records – Business Edition, R&D Communication. Partners of the events are: Platinum Partners include Hatten Group, Sunnycha and Kim Lian Kee, Silver Partners include Red Box, Green Box, Mr & Mrs Chicken. For more details, kindly refer to or

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